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Puerto Rican Princess


Puerto Rican Princess


Boise, Idaho

Services Provided

Logo Design
Video Graphics
Video Editing
Audio Editing
Website Design



Graphic Design, Photography, Video, Website
About This Project

The Puerto Rican Princess is a hip hop artist / musician. The logo she was previously using didn’t fully represent her hip hop persona. I designed a new logo that took her name and transformed it into a symbol. It is a play off of the Puerto Rican flag shaped similarly to a heart.

The Puerto Rican Princess also wanted to market and promote her latest music single “Obituary”. She came up with a concept for the video and we took that, filmed it, edited it and added video graphics.

This Puerto Rican bred M.C. is not only a fresh face to the industry but a breath of fresh air. This energetic artist can not only bring the ladies to the dance floor, but can make the fellas do a quick two step! A diversified lyricist, the Puerto Rican Princess comes in at all angles. Don’t put her in the category of a “rapper” but being a true lyricist is definitely a category she falls into. The difference you might ask, is that a lyricist rhymes from the heart & expresses feeling(s) in every spoken word. Clearly, she demonstrates the raw talent that she possesses and the strong outlook that she has on life.