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DJ Lady Tribe


D.J. Lady Tribe


Los Angeles, California

Services Provided

Logo Design
Audio Editing
Website Development



Graphic Design, Photography, Website
About This Project

DJ Lady Tribe was not only a client of mine, but also became a good friend along the way. She did not have a web presence for her DJ persona. I helped her create a bigger than life online presence. If you now search for “DJ Lady Tribe” with Google, you will see a ton of online information on her. From FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, and YoTube, she has now grown her name into a well known brand in the DJ and hip hop industry.

Throughout her career, Lady Tribe has worked tirelessly to establish herself as one of the most talented and well-respected figures in the djing industry and along the way has not only forged a creative name for herself and her talent, but also a reputation for professionalism, tenacity, and business-know-how in an industry in which one must not only build a name…but take over it.