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Clymene Petroleum


Clymene Petroleum


Sandy, Utah

Services Provided

Logo Design
Website Development



Graphic Design, Website
About This Project

Clymene Petroleum had no online presence. They contacted me looking to get a website developed. I was provided with PowerPoint slides by the client as a reference for the website. I took those slides and created a fully functioning website with a little bit of style.

During the development of the website, I mentioned to the client that their current logo would not fit the color scheme I created for the website. I suggested that they

allow me to redesign their logo. I kept the same elements, the sun in the center of the droplet.

Clymene Petroleum provides consulting services that address strategic, financial, and R&D needs of energy and petroleum industry. The scope of CP’s consulting services includes exploration and production of crude oil, natural gas, shale gas, shale oil and tar sand.